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How To Attract the Different Signs

Aries: Give them a chance to chase you and capture you. Assuming they already have some interest for you, playing hard to get can make things more interesting and rewarding for them when they get you. But at the same time, give them a chance to catch you by being available to their requests or their needs. 

Taurus: Do something thoughtful for them. Pay attention to their emotional or instrumental needs, empathize with them or help them out. Once they receive your kindness, they will pay more attention to you and reciprocate. They will also begin to see you in a different light because of how thoughtful you were. 

Gemini: Dress nice or sharp to impress. Our physical appearance says a lot about the person we are and it affects the image of the person we’re with. Looks also capture the attention so dress appropriately but also comfortably. 

Cancer: Smile. When they look at you or when you look at them, a genuine smile is very heart warming. It conveys that you’re comfortable in your own shoes and that you’re approachable. If you’re comfortable and approachable, they will feel less defensive around you (since we are around strangers) and will very likely open up to you in the future or reciprocate the smile. 

Leo: Say their name loud and clear. People really like to hear their name called or mentioned especially when it’s by a person they adore. It shows that you are paying attention to them and that they are not just some random no-body. So the next time you talk them, say their name once or twice at the beginning or near the end of a conversation or when some interesting emotions come up. 

Virgo: Flirt with them. You can make things fun or interesting for them through your conversations or non-verbals. You can say things that put a smile on their face or do things that make them laugh. At the same time, to give yourself some value, pull back and make them curious about you. 

Libra: Be spontaneous. Plan for activities where things can change at the drop of a hat. This will keep them guessing and hungry for more. For example, when talking to them ask if they want to go somewhere or do something right after. Don’t plan it for like next day or next week making it seem less spontaneous. 

Scorpio: Prove your feelings. If you really care about this person, pay attention to what they say, their intention, their motivations and react to that. For example, if they hint to you that they too are interested in you, don’t be afraid to reciprocate. 

Sagittarius: Share your passion with them. Let them know what you do, your hobbies, your goals dreams, fantasies or accomplishments and hope that they will want to be a part that too. Also, ask them about theirs and really show support and interest in what they do. For example, if they say they like a certain movie, encourage them to talk more about it and do something for them related to their interest. 

Capricorn: Mirror their body language or attitude. We feel more comfortable around people who are like us. Dress like them (wear matching clothing)  or copy the way they talk or their non-verbals to capture their attention. But do this moderately and subtly and ensure that it creating a positive vibe. 

Aquarius: Be simple and open-minded. If they don’t expect big things, do little things for them that show that you care. Talk to them when you have free time. Ask them about their day. Plan activities with them like going out to eat or shopping. Give them a hug or say hello when you see them. 

Pisces: Buy them something or make something meaningful to them. For example, if you know they like a particular accessory like a phone case or watch, get it for them. Get them something they can use for a long time that will remind you of them. Or write them a heart felt letter, make or get them food, or even holding the door for them. 

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